Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hope, to me it is the force that we hang onto or look forward to when we are in a place of despair, where we feel like there is nothing to hang onto, or feel like there is nothing left to live for, but hope is what pushes us and pulls us to find that light that we hang onto in the darkness.  Hope can be from anything, friends, family, pets, or even jobs, as long as it makes you want to live another day, and each day after the next, even when it is gone, and knowing you can keep going on from it.  Pain, despair, depression, and anger can make you doubt even the slightest sliver of hope, but in those moments there is still hope, it is inside us even if we can find it, we know it is somewhere inside us.  My family and the future are what give me hope, friends are debatable because they can be worth living for but they don’t always last forever, but I hang onto the people and things I know will always be with me even when they are gone.  I remember when I was in my deepest state of depression and I didn’t even care if I got out of it or not, I felt like there was no hope at all, and didn’t believe it existed.  I didn’t believe that there was anything to live for, no matter how many times I thought of it, everything led back to, “not worth it,” “useless,” “stupid,” etc., I used to beat myself down even when I couldn’t go any further.  There was this one day I got a call from my dad asking, “When are you coming home?” I just told him “When I am done with practice,” he said “okay,” then hung up the phone.  Later on that day I got a call during practice from my cousin, I said “ Hello,” and without saying any welcoming response back, very hard to hear, she said crying, “Grandma is dead, she just died, when are you gonna come? Everyone is here except you,” I said “I’ll be there in a bit,” leaving practice and walking home as fast as I can without losing control of my emotions.  I got to the house, and sure enough everyone was there, already said their goodbyes and prayers and just sitting there crying, I had to break in tears.  I had to find out from my cousin that my great-grandma died, and that my dad and my family was there when it happened, and I wasn’t.  After all that happened, seeing everyone sad and crying I decided to try to be strong for the family and help them when they needed someone to talk to, I saw family cry that I didn’t even know could cry so hard, since then I found out and welcomed my family as the one strongest piece of hope I had to hang onto, and still hang onto till this day.

Walk Away or Stay and Fake

In a short story called “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” it was about a city called Omelas, and it is seems completely perfect, a utopia, mostly everyone is happy and the city is full of joy and there are festivals, but there is this child.  This child was in a basement under one of the public buildings, this basement has one locked door, no windows, little light from cracks in the boards, the floor is dirt, and this child is just sitting there.  It could be a boy or a girl, looks six but is ten, probably born defected or it has become imbecile, it shuts its eyes, the door is still locked and no one opens the door.  The door is always locked, except when a person or several people of Omelas come to kick the child to make it stand, some don’t even come close, and the people just give it a bowl of food and a jug of water, they never say anything and they close the door. The child didn’t always live in the tool room, it remembers sunlight, it’s mother's voice.  The child used to scream for help but it was no use, and now it just whines, the child is thin, naked, and sits in its own excrement, all the people of Omelas know it’s there, they all know it has to be there, some know why other don’t know why, but they understand it is for their cities happiness, beauty, health, wisdom, food, and fine weather all depend on this child’s misery.  Everyone gets the explanation when they are young, but when the child is observed the people feel disgust and anger despite the explanations, they want to do something, but there is nothing they can do, not even a nice word, if the child is out, then everything is destroyed.  At times after one sees the child they may feel upset, displeased, angry, but after that they either are fine and return home, or leave Omelas, alone, in the darkness, passed the mountains, never to come back.  
The people of Omelas decide whether or not to stay and live with what they know about the child and just be a bystander and let the things that go on go on, or leave and never come back without knowing what's to come, because they can’t stand to know about the child and just keep living like it never even existed.  The child in this story is very important because it is what hold the city together.  I think this connects with our society and in this case the child is our world, Omelas is our society, the mountains of Omelas are the boundaries/ laws, and the people are us.  We all see, hear, and speak of what goes on in the world, the problems, and a lot of us choose to ignore what goes on just to think everything is perfect and we choose to follow the law and not corrupt what we have. The people who can’t stand it will break the boundaries and chooses to see the real world and break the law because even though they don’t know what’s to come, they can stand to just sit around and know what goes on in the real world, they want help heal it.  This is what I thought of when I read this story, people mostly see it differently, but this is my view one this.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Surprising Science of Happiness TED Talk

In September 2006, Dan Gilbert’s TED talk on “The Surprising Science of Happiness,” he discusses the subject of happiness.  I find this interesting because Gilbert starts off talking about the frontal lobe and the prefrontal cortex, and how the prefrontal lobe can allow humans stimulate and adapt.  He connects this to impact bias and our psychological immune system.  The impact bias is the thought of thinking the future will be better than what it could be but has a the different outcome.  Our psychological immune system is a system of emotional process that helps change a person's point of view in the world so they feel better in the nature they are in.  The psychological immune system works best when one pushes themselves to think or sees a good enough reason to support or disagree.  Which brings Gilbert to contrast “synthetic happiness” and “real happiness.”  Real happiness happens when it is not thought of or forced, unlike real happiness, synthetic happiness it is forced, and doesn’t come as authentic as real happiness.  It is your decision if you want to focus on happiness, or leave it be and let it come naturally.  At first it is nothing, having no meaning or value, until one thinks creating it into their point of view.  I found Gilbert’s talk interesting because with the knowledge shared I didn’t fully understand the whole system of why we are happy, or the way a point of view can work.
TED Talk, Dan Gilbert: The Surprising Science of Happiness

Thursday, January 19, 2017


I believe happiness is an illusion, because like love and infatuation it is all in our heads.  But I guess what makes me happy is my family and friends, because I know I can trust them and if something is happening to me I can go to them knowing that they are there for me.  Happiness is not important but it is also not not important  We can live without it, but it is too highly recommended we should completely include it into our lives so we can also strive off it to encourage ourselves or others.  To get happiness you have to let yourself enjoy things that bring you interest, and surround yourself with people that you can have a good time with.  I believe that the reason of many people being unhappy is that when they get to happy they have an expectation on where it should be, but if it doesn’t make it there they don’t believe they can never be happy like they wanted to be.  Also another reason why I believe people are unhappy nowadays is that something “bad” happens they make the situation worse in their head making them think they have depression when it is just their minds making it worse.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Self- control is the “ability to control oneself, in particular one’s emotions and desires or the expression of them in one’s behavior, especially in difficult situations”.  Self-control is something I do not really pay attention to, but I know when is comes to certain things it can overcome you.  For example in high school whenever I had a crush on someone, my emotions would get to over powering, but when getting chance I would notice that my emotions take over and so I would try to control it and say it is just infatuation and it is all in my head.  Still my emotions would take over me so I decide to stay away and keep my distance from my crush until the emotions go away.  As I was growing up I learned to keep more control over my actions, emotions, and thoughts until they would all go away from staying away from all of it.  Most of the time I when I realize reality I can tend to get jealous or depressed, and getting like that makes me want to do stupid stuff I would regret later, but feeling like that doesn’t feel good or right.  So I would instead realize what I feel and just see it as another simple thing in reality that does not matter because you would have to get over sooner or later, so when realized I will not feel it anymore, I would be calm and go back to a neutral phase.  Self-control really affects you once you realize it is just another thing that can keep you grounded.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stereotypes and Misperceptions

Everyday we see people on the street and you try not to look or stare because it can tend to be impolite, in one glance we can misperceive or stereotype someone from what we have heard in society.  In my freshman year of highschool I did an activity where written on top of big pieces of paper were stereotypes.  Under each stereotype we had to write as many things that pop into your head about that stereotype under a minute.  After each group had done each poster we hung them up the next day, so we can read what everyone thought about the stereotypes.  When we were done reading we got a chance to express our feelings on what we wrote, most of us felt sad, because the activity showed us how bad society had gotten us to think about these people who are just human.  Seeing what we wrote was one of the worst experiences ever, because the people we stereotyped are people we are mostly friends with and see everyday.  In elementary school I was misperceived a lot not just because I wasn’t “popular,” but because of who I was close friends with, what I did on my free time, the way I looked, and the English accent I had.  The way I was was not one of the best combinations, and as I grew up I understood what they were saying and what they meant, and knowing what people thought of me hurt.  After that I know how bad it was to have a misperception about people, and so I choose not to do it because I don’t want people to go through what I went through.

Friday, December 2, 2016

My Favorite Place

Some think the beach is a fun place to go because of the water, sun, sand, and ice cream.  Some think the beach is the worst place because of the seaweed, seagulls, noise, and too many people.  To me the beach has always been my favorite place to be because of the little details not that many people would notice or appreciate.  Since I was nine, I go to a beach where there is a hill that looked like a cliff and so when you were on the top of it you can see and feel the most beautiful experience, you can feel everything rush through you, when you use your senses give you good vibes.  There is sand that looks similar to a light beige color and a nice warm feeling when you walk on it and is soft.  A boardwalk with laughter, screams, and yells with thrill, smells of different kinds of food fill the air, and excitement and at night the bright lights bring a radiant glow upon the shore for a perfect moonlight walk.  The weather has a cool ocean breeze that feels so nice and when it is time for the sunset the sky goes from a baby blue with large fluffy clouds to a cotton candy looking sky where the clouds mix into the sky so well that you just want to look at it forever.  When you go into the water it does not feel cold and if the seaweed brushes on you, it feels so soothing, but being in the water makes you feel so relieved, and makes you forget about your problem and just makes you want to stay there forever.  Sooner or later I will be sad when I leave because just being there is the best place and leaving doesn't feel right. Growing up I have always loved being near or close to water, but to me the beach is just the best place to be.